Vide Maison Riviera pose ses meubles au milieu des champs

Second-hand furniture the obvious for Vide Maison Riviera

A few weeks ago, Vide Maison Riviera has decided to display its furniture and services in a showroom where the furniture and various objects can be seen by appointment. This unusual place surrounded by sheep, tractors and fields....

The findings of these first weeks are as follows:

- A real need to support people in their move and in separating their furniture

- an emerging ecological awareness and declining purchasing power are pushing everyone to turn to this new mode of consumption

- a craze for upcycling and makeovers, this second-hand market opens the way to artists and everyone's artistic expression

- new partners, individuals, associations, real estate agents, second-hand dealer friends welcome this solution with great enthusiasm

The only real disappointment is seeing that furniture that is decades old, of exceptional quality, designed from fine materials with hours of craftsmanship spent to design it has less value than pre-made and disposable furniture.

I hope that widespread access to second-hand furniture will reverse the trend.

The pleasure of bargain hunting, of seeing the beautiful furniture of second-hand dealers and the wonders of makeovers make me confident.