Vide Maison Riviera et sa passion pour le mobilier vintage

Vide Maison Riviera and its passion for vintage furniture

At Vide Maison Riviera, we are passionate about vintage furniture and decor, for us it is a reminder of our childhood, a story, this touch of nostalgia.


But also objects made with beautiful durable materials, original shapes and quality objects. Vintage furniture refers to furniture that is considered representative of a past era, usually between the 1920s and 1980s.The term "vintage" is used to describe objects, including furniture, that have acquired a certain value or special meaning because of their age, quality, style or rarity. Vintage furniture can include different types of furniture such as chairs, tables, sofas, dressers, cabinets, lighting fixtures, etc. These pieces are often sought after for their retro aesthetic, quality craftsmanship and uniqueness. They can be made from different materials, such as wood, metal, plastic or glass.


The popularity of vintage furniture is due in part to interest in recycling, sustainability and authenticity in interior design. Many vintage furniture enthusiasts enjoy owning pieces that have a special history and patina, as well as the timeless look and aesthetic value of this antique furniture.

It should be noted that vintage furniture can vary in style, depending on the era it belongs to. For example, furniture from the 1950s can be characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes and the use of modern materials such as plastic and metal. On the other hand, 1970s furniture can be associated with bright colors, bold patterns and organic shapes.

In summary, vintage furniture is a term used to describe antique or retro furniture that is valued for its aesthetic value, quality and uniqueness, representing a bygone era in design history.

Why vintage furniture is coming back into fashion
Vintage furniture is experiencing a resurgence in popularity for several reasons:

1. Retro aesthetic

Vintage furniture offers a unique and distinctive style that stands out from contemporary trends. Many people appreciate the retro aesthetic, with its classic lines, quirky shapes and unique details that add character and charm to a space.

2. Authenticity and durability

More and more people are aware of the environmental impact of producing new furniture and are looking for sustainable alternatives. Vintage furniture allows you to reuse existing pieces, which reduces waste and promotes sustainability.

3. Historical value

Vintage furniture is often associated with specific eras in design history, and owning these pieces can bring historical and cultural value to a space. Some people enjoy the idea of ​​owning furniture that has survived through the decades and tells a story.


4. Quality and craftsmanship

Vintage furniture is often made with artisanal techniques and premium materials. Antique furniture was often built to last, meaning vintage pieces often have solid construction and better quality compared to mass-market modern furniture.



5. Individuality and personalization

In a world where interiors often look the same, vintage furniture allows you to bring a touch of originality and personality to a space. Vintage pieces are often unique or limited in quantity, which means you're less likely to find them from other people.

6. Cultural references and nostalgia

Vintage furniture often evokes memories of times gone by, which can spark a feeling of nostalgia in some people. In addition, it can be considered as a reference to artistic movements, lifestyles or cultural icons that marked their era.

All these factors contribute to the growing appeal of vintage furniture, they explain why it is coming back into fashion in interior decoration and why at Vide Maison Riviera, we are a big fan!!!